This is Padella’s most iconic dish and people come from far and wide to our restaurants specifically to eat it. We braise the beef shin low and slow for 8 hours until it falls off the bone, this is when the magic happens. We’ve been refining the recipe for 15 years so all the hard work is done, you’ve just got to heat it up and enjoy it – we know you will!


  • Hand-rolled pappardelle, made freshly at Padella each day
  • 8-hour braised Long Horn beef shin ragu
  • Organic butter from Estate Dairy
  • San Pietro 24-month aged parmesan
  • Instructions


2 large pots.
One with 2-3L of water to boil the pasta. The other large enough to heat the sauce and throw the pasta into.

A handful of fine table salt. 
About 30g to season the water.

Colander/sieve & bowl. 
Sit the colander or sieve over a bowl in the sink to catch the salty, starchy goodness of the pasta water when you drain the pasta. You’ll need about 60-120ml to mix the cooked pasta and ragu together.

Ladle, large metal spoon or measuring jug. 
You’ll ladle/spoon small amounts of the reserved pasta water into the ragu and pasta. Or use a measuring jug with about 120ml of the pasta water and pour it into the pan, splash by splash.

Wooden spoon. 
To stir it up.

We love tongs but a fork and spoon will do too.

2 warm plates. 
Or one if you’re not sharing. Who are we to judge?
  1. Lightly fondle the pappardelle to ensure the strands aren't stuck together. If they are, gently tease them apart.

  2. In a large pot, bring 2-3L water up to a rolling boil (not just a simmer). Season with a handful (approx. 30g) of fine salt so it tastes like mild sea water.

  3. Put the ragu along with a couple of ladles of the hot pasta water and butter into your second pot (which must be big enough for the pasta and ragu together). Warm it through until the ragu is a smooth sauce.

  4. You’re ready to get bums on seats now. Add the pasta to the boiling water. Cook for 60 seconds, no more as the pasta will continue to cook when you mix it with the ragu.

  5. Drain the pasta into the colander and bowl to catch the pasta water. Then transfer the pasta to the pan with the ragu.

  6. Energetically stir the pasta and ragu over a medium heat while adding your retained pasta water spoonful by spoonful to make the sauce viscous. Do this for about 30 seconds until each strand is covered in sauce. If it’s a bit soupy, don’t worry. Just cook it for a bit longer until the liquid reduces.

  7. Serve onto warm plates and sprinkle the San Pietro aged parmesan over the pasta.

  8. Eat immediately because pasta waits for no one!

We'd love to see your finished dish, tag us @padella_pasta